Upload your catalog of rental lenses

  • Visibility of your rental catalog on App and Website
  • Rental Profile with full contact info (telephone, wed, email, location) in App and Website
  • Upload Credits/Reels to your company profile
  • Company logo on the home page of your website
  • Info on the rental map, Highlighted badge on map
  • 1 CineLenses does not charge commissions for your rentals.
  • 2 Our 150.000 professional users are your potential clients.
  • 3 Enhanced visibility in our app and website.
  • 4 Control your lens catalog from your private profile.
  • 5 Talk directly to your clients.
  • 6 Access to marketing options within our platform.

Rent your lenses

Why upload my lenses to rent?

Average rental price of lenses 500€/day

150.000 Users/Cinelenses (cinematographers, camera operators, focus puller...)

Average price of rental lenses catalog at CineLenses, 45€/month

If you rent a set of lenses for 1 week, you will enter 2000€